About Wendell


Wendell Walker has been a Lynchburg resident since 1975, when he came here from Georgia to attend what was then Liberty Baptist College, now Liberty University.  He had the opportunity to work with Dr. Jerry Falwell and others in the ministry while a student. He then started a small business as a landscape contractor in Lynchburg. Over the last twenty years, Wendell has worked with the Commonwealth of Virginia, developing tomorrow’s workforce through Registered Apprenticeship programs.


Since the 1990s, Wendell has served as an active leader in the Republican Party. He has served in positions at various levels of leadership and has helped to recruit, campaign with, and elect many local, state, and national officials. Wendell understands the importance of having conservative representation at all levels of government, and has worked in every election towards that goal, from local Constitutional officers and City Council to U.S. Congressional races and our current President.

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Wendell and his wife, Patsy, have two grown children. Their daughter, Rebecca, lives in Lynchburg. Their son, Greg, and his wife, Jessica, have two children and live in Ohio. Wendell and Patsy are members of Thomas Road Baptist Church where they have served faithfully.