Life and Family:

Wendell Walker is a pro-life leader in our community. For many years, he has worked and supported the right to life, from conception to natural death, on the local, state and national level. Wendell supports many pro-life and pro-family organizations and believes that institutions such as Planned Parenthood do not deserve your tax dollars.

2nd Amendment:

As a lifetime member of the NRA, Wendell Walker understands the importance of owning firearms. Recently, bills proposed in the General Assembly and supported by the governor are written to limit your ability to purchase and own firearms, and defend yourself in Virginia. In the face of such legislation, Wendell will fight for your 2nd Amendment rights.

Public Safety:

Wendell supports our law enforcement, our military, and our first responders. He knows the importance of our heroes having the crucial resources they need to do their jobs. Wendell also understands the potential consequences that come with sanctuary cities and will fight to keep them out of Virginia. There’s no place in Virginia for sanctuary cities.


Wendell knows that you can put the money you have earned to better use than the government.  He will vote against measures that will increase the tax burden on citizens in the 23rd District, and will introduce legislation to reduce unnecessary regulation and taxes on businesses and families.

President Trump:

Wendell Walker supports President Trump’s economic policy and Supreme Court Justice Appointments. Like President Trump, Wendell is not a Career politician. Rather, he is a hard-working businessman who believes in an America first and Virginia first approach.